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  • Forgings

    MFPL has a full fledged integrated forge shop basically consisting Drop hammers, screw presses, Power Hammers & Ring Rolling along with other necessary equipments like furnaces, trimming presses etc. We forge a range of products from 200grams to 40kgs in weight. The process of forging starts from designing facility through both, computers and manually facilitates preparing the best modeling for part and tooling development.

    Dies & Tooling:

    An In-House Die-shop equips us for fabricating all types of dies and tooling, EDM, lathes and other tools. Full .set of templates are fitted on sinking of the Die for rigid dimensional checks and inspection. POP Molds are made to check dimensional accuracy before sampling.


    Most cutting of Raw Material is done with the help of Shearing Machines and Band-Saw Machines. Color codes are marked on Cut Pieces and are stacked separately with a banner fixed over each stack so as to identify the materials grade and also the final products to which they are meant.

    Forging, Coining & Trimming:

    The process of forging is carried out on drop forging Hammers & Presses. The metal is shaped to a part by Hammering the hot cut piece between the Top and the Bottom dies fixed on the Hammer. The finished product through this process is much more reliable for strength and quality than a Similar product produced by casting, pressing or machining.

    Post Forging Operations:

    Depending up on the specific requirement of the end use of forged components, forgings undergo further processes such as Heat Treatment, Shot Blasting, Magnaflux Crack detection.CNC Machining, Drilling, Threading and Grinding etc. We have an In-House facilities for these processes.