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  • Heat Treatment

    We at MFPL can supply Bright bars, Forgings, Machined components & Fasteners in heat-treated condition. Our heat treatment is all done in-house Our heat treatment plant equipped with latest type of furnaces supplied by well-known manufacturers. The staff is headed by a highly qualified metallurgist having more than 25 years in the field of metallurgical r&d. The supervisory staffs have metallurgical background with appropriate technical qualifications. All these will ensure customer gets his material as per the requirement.

    Heat Treatment Process Conducted by MFPL are listed below.

    • Hardened
    • Tempered
    • Annealed
    • Carburized
    • Case Hardened
    • Flame Hardened
    • Induction Hardened
    • Nitriding
    • Quenched - Water & Oil
    • Spherodize Annealed
    • Stress Relieved
    • Normalized