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  • Quality Department

    Quality Assurance at MFPL starts with understanding the Customers Requirement and continues till the customer is completely satisfied with the delivery of products and services. Quality Control procedures are well defined and thoroughly implemented.

    Incoming Inspection

    Incoming Raw Materials are the foundation for the final product. We make sure that we start with the best of Raw Materials. Our suppliers are well informed about our quality requirements.

    Raw Materials are inspected for

    • Chemical Properties
    • Mechanical Properties
    • Other Metallurgical Properties
    • Surface Quality

    In-Process Inspection

    In Process Quality Control Procedures are defined to the minute details. These procedures enable operators, supervisors and quality control inspectors to produce the best quality products. Our Production team is at the core of the quality assurance system.

    In-process Materials are inspected For

    Dimensional & Mechanical Properties Such as Tensile, Elongation, Yield, Reduction Area, Hardness and Surface Finish.

    Finished Goods Inspection

    The quality assurance team is in the finished goods department we call them "Mod Forge's Internal Customer". They inspect materials from the customer's perspective. Our products comply with relative international standards.

    Finished Goods Inspection for

    • Dimensions & Surface Finish
    • Final Mechanical Properties
    • Macro and Micro Properties
    • Crack detection
    • Inter Granular and Corrosion Properties
    • Packing, Colour Coding, Marking

    MFPL also follows a fixed set of Quality Objective & Policy in order to maintain its track record and to enhance customer support and demand:


    • Quality and Prompt Delivery
    • Adaptability to changes
    • Continuous Development through R&D
    • Fastest Delivery in small lots
    • Variety Product Range
    • Customers are partners in Business and
    • Quality Improvement Environmental Friendliness
    • Machine down time reduction


    • Streamlined procedure to prevent defects, rather than Defect Detection.
    • Committed to strive for customer Delight through cost Effective quality products.
    • Training & Motivation of our Employees to Service our Customers with full effectiveness.
    • Ensuring Consistency in Quality and Delivery on time.