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  • Bright Steel Bars

    We wish to re introduce ourselves as one of the largest suppliers of Bright Steel Bars in South India.

    Modforge has Equipped with Latest Machineries to Produce Round Steel Bars from 6mm to 80mm, Square Bright Steel Bars from 10 mm to 50 mm and Hexagonal Steel Bars from 10 mm to 50 mm.

    Bright Steel Bars are Produced by Drawing, Peeling and Grinding Operation in Mild Steel, Carbon Steel, and Alloy Steel Conforming to Various International Standards Such as BIS,SAE,ASME,DIN,GOST,BS,ASTM AND EN SERIES.

    The Raw Materials are Sourced from reputed Steel Mills and Rigorous test are conducted for Chemical, Mechanical and other Metallurgical properties, as per Specification, before commencing Manufacturing.

    We have ongoing contract with most of the Domestic and International Steel Mills, such as`JSW, Sunflag, Bushan,Rinl Ltd, etc. In process inspection is carried out at each stage of operation and Final inspection is conducted for all Finished Products, to ensure the quality of the products are as per customer Requirements.

    We have full-fledged Heat Treatment facility for carrying-out Annealing, Normalizing, Spherodised Annealing and Hardened and Tempered as per customer requirements. We have a full fledged Metallurgical & Chemical Lab, helping us to ensure the highest level of quality. Our Magnetic Particle Inspection facility ensures our products are free from cracks and surface defects.

    Our Bright Bars are Exported to Various Country.